English Translation by Claudia Spinner

The Kiss of the Tram (p. 10) Werner G.: rushrushthink "ahtheresureIstillget" neither left nor right box-nose tram Roooooooaaaaaaarshshshsbeepbeephonkicecoldhardme-talbonescrackburstsmlashthefall   Bar Sex (p. 14) Harry is clutching the counter with his right hand, with the other he grips the girl tightly around the waist. She likes the way how his bottom says "fuck!". She is blond & already knows quite a lot. Harry pretends to be tender. He almost lets go of his be...>>


English Translation by Claudia Spinner

Ehrenstr.: rolls himself out of sleep & quilt knitted brow disheveld hair matted - X-Ray beholds the day bright clock ticks doesn' t know where opens the window not warm but sunny a little hygiene sunny-good day 1 sip coke first thing find out what' s happening outside etc. forgot to eat nothing there anyway probably noon already street full of shopping people nylon girls gel types cars jamjam cause of boldly crossing pedestrians should have brought skateboard nonsense too much traffic oh sh...>>